Want a Better Shot at Reaching Your Customers Using Video? Market Through Storytelling

When businesses are looking to create a marketing video, there are a few crucial things they consider when trying to establish the right way to make it. These factors typically include the cost of the project, the experience they possess, and one may even consider the equipment available, and perhaps the most important— the objective of the video. A high-end camera can give the polished look of a professional product, but when it comes to creating a video with an objective in mind, the most important aspect is storytelling.

When you make a video, typically there is a message you intend to communicate to the people that watch it. This is done through storytelling. No matter how simple— even as simple as showing the steps in how to cook a meal— there is a story involved. Making this story an impactful one will keep the audience engaged, and most importantly will deliver the video’s message to them in an effective manner. A marketing video may get one hundred or even one million views, but ultimately, the most successful video is the one where the majority of viewers stay engaged and see it through to the end. There are many other factors that can contribute to a “good” video, such as stunning cinematography or high production value, and these can certainly strengthen good content.


Having a well defined story can also contribute to making your video more personal. An example of this is the promotional video Cineflair created for Weehelp Edmonton, a nonprofit that aims to help children in need. The project told the story of of how Weehelp started and what makes it so special for children and their families, and why those who contribute are so important. By tapping into emotion and taking a personal approach, the video created a connection with the people watching it, as opposed to throwing a sales pitch at them. If it’s too pushy with its goals, a video may turn people away from the content, and your message won’t be heard. On the other hand, the act of making a genuine connection is invaluable and unforgettable.

It is also important to find the right people to tell your business’ story in a way that accurately and positively represents your business, all while connecting with the viewers. This comes with a combination of experience in building a variety of strong stories that each suit specific needs, as well as the passion and drive to tell them in a unique powerful way.


With the constant advancement of technology in the video world, it can sometimes seem like your best bet to create an impactful video is by pulling out all the stops, shooting in 8K with all the highest of high-end equipment. While going the extra mile on the technical side can make a strong story appear even stronger, the foundation of it being effective overall is just that— the story. Your story. If it is catered to the target audience, hits the mark for viewers and delivers the message, then you have the aspects of a successful video for your business.

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