We are a team built on a common passion for storytelling.


That is what drives us every day in a joint quest of constant learning, self-improvement, and ultimately helps us push the boundaries of our medium.

We know it makes all the difference in the world when you can count on someone to have your back, that is why we inject that passion into everything we do.


This is the core team and talent at your disposal.

We pack over 25 years of combined experience in video production, marketing, PR, product development, and customer experience. 

We’re a growing team of in-house specialists because we believe in developing in-house talent, which translates to more seamless collaborations and better finished products for our clients.



Amro Maghrabi


Our pack leader and cinematography champ. Amro’s wealth of knowledge in business, marketing and storytelling enables him to inject sound strategy and creative into every project.


Video & Film Studies, Art Institute of Vancouver | Public Relations, Grant MacEwan University


Marketing & PR, Creative Direction, Cinematography, Entrepreneurship.


Jeff Khounthavong


Whether it's food or a video, Jeff ingests, cuts and mixes like a boss. He is a post-production powerhouse with an insatiable hunger to constantly improve his craft.


Visual Design, NAIT

Work-Hard Ethics, Life.


Filming, Editing, Dreaming.



Pablo Herrera Cruz


If you need anything, ‘Talk to Pablo’. He oversees the production management of all our work, making him the hard-working link between our team and yours.


MA in Economics and Law, University of Salamanca, Spain | BA in International Business, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.


Producer, Strategist, Project Manager, Marketing & Communications.


Luke Sherlock


Keyframe wizard who speaks the language of animation and motion graphics. Luke has a mediocre sense of humour and lives for awkward situations.


Digital Media and Animation Production, Edmonton Digital Arts College


Animator, Designer, Storyteller.


Jessica Smith


Punctuation saves lives and no one knows this better than Jessica, who once had to rescue her grandmother from being eaten alive. Her understanding of the written and spoken word enables her to craft narratives and articulate thoughts that move audiences to action.


Radio & Television Arts, NAIT | Film Studies, Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts.


Concept development, Creative writing, Photography


Are you passionate about a career in video production?

We'd love to talk!


We are always looking for people that are hungry for a challenge, keen to learn, and constantly in pursuit of personal growth. If that sounds like you, give us a shout at careers@cineflair.com and tell us why you would be a great addition to our team. 

Some benefits you can look forward to:

  • We invest in our people because we want you to get better and better at what you love to do.

  • Be a part of a growing company and make your impact a part of our success.

  • We have a beautiful, brand new office out of the CoLofts on 106th street with gigantic windows, tons of natural light, and a wonderful creative community at our doorstep.

  • That means we have a really cool office, lots of amazing people around, and fun socials!

  • Play with lots of cool filmmaking toys.

  • You will have access to health benefits.

  • We are fortunate to have great clients who love what we do. We never take this for granted so we work hard to keep it this way.

Current Openings

Freelancers & Collaborators

We are always looking for more creative masterminds to work with. Some projects require more manpower or specific skillsets, that's where you come in.

If you specialize in one of the following fields, reach out, we’d love to chat and learn more about you and what motivates the work you do

+ Directors

Certain projects require a specific look, feel or mood. That's why we work with multiple directors to be able to find the best talent for projects of those needs. As a Director, not only do you have the technical skills and industry knowledge, but you can also work with all levels of creative talent and production members.

+ Production Assistants

No task is too small for you and you are always ready to help. Whether you are running batteries, preparing a scene, or helping our team, you are always ready to support.

+ Motion Graphics 2D & 3D

You can generate 2D or 3D graphics and animate them in order to simplify what otherwise can be complex processes. Whether it is a creative project or a process explanation, you can see a project initial concept, to design, to animation, and a final render.

+ Illustrators

Certain projects require an extra amount of visual punch, and as an illustrator, you can confidently convey through graphics complex information. You are confident not only following direction, but also establishing a brand new style and direction.

+ Cinematographers & Videographers

You know all ins and outs around cameras and can create stunning visuals. As such, you are comfortable and can work on making lighting decisions and provide input on camera angles, lens choice and movement.

+ Sound Recording & SFX

You are an audio guru and can capture all audio inputs generated by the filming process and records them. You are capable of finding, composing, or generating good sound effects and foley to take productions to the next level.

+ Hair and Makeup Artists

You can bring out the best out of our characters, and make them feel like superstars so we can capture impactful visuals.