We’re not just video makers, we’re strategic partners.

Our clients value our input in their quest to solve business problems because thoughtful video marketing strategy is at the heart of everything we do. We create beautiful videos, too. 

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Concept & Strategy

Great videos require thoughtful storytelling, founded on a solid idea. We will ensure that your videos speak to your target audience across the right platforms for each of them.

Concept Development


Let's deep dive into your idea, company, goals, and get to know each other. This way we can understand what is most important to you. Once we've done this we can put to work that intel into a concept that translates well into video and keeps at the forefront what is most important to you.



We can now ensure your video hits all the marks it is meant to while keeping in mind your audience and how our visuals and messaging will impact them. Only then will you have truly great content, when it truly speaks and matters to your audience because it was completely, custom-tailored to them.

Production Services

Video Production Services

We convert ideas into beautiful, cinematic videos by using the latest cutting-edge tools and giving everything we got to get 'the perfect shot'.



With a concept locked down, we'll get to work coordinating all logistics such as a comprehensive storyboard, the development of a script and shot list, scheduling, locations, permits, contracts, talent (if any) etc. The pre-production phase is instrumental in allowing our team to be fully prepared for both the predictable and the unpredictable. 



With distinguished aptitude, cutting-edge technology, and genuine vision, our team works cohesively to get every shot. With an impressive collection of technology and video equipment in-house, we are prepared to shoot your project on a moment's notice. No vision is too big for this team to fulfill. 



Finally, we put everything together to create something magical. This stage of production is possibly the most specialized as editing is a language in its own. Our team is highly versed in the subtleties of this discrete emotional messenger and will work with you through revisions to ensure your brand voice and messaging shine through.


We make videos fit for any mission. These are a just few different kinds of the types of video we make.


Distribution & Seeding

Great videos fall short without well thought out distribution. It’s not about the final view count; it’s about getting the right views on the platforms your audience actually uses.



Who is your audience and where can we find them? Because once your video is done, we need to ensure that it is seen by the audience you set out to captivate in the first place. Through the use of audience management and user engagement tools, we will ensure your videos are maximizing their reach.



We dig a little deeper than traditional distribution and get your content further out. Seeding is a form of video distribution that seeks out content experts through (websites, blogs, influencers) and tap into their niche audiences therefore amplifying your video's reach in a more organic way than paid advertisement.


Equipment Philosophy

We're committed to using the latest and greatest in camera equipment and tech in our productions—spending the better part of our existence curating best-in-class cameras, lenses, stabilizations and grip equipment. 

RED Epic W

Cameras and lenses

Image resolution and sensor quality matter. Our RED Epic-W cinema camera is capable of capturing up to 8K resolution with unparalleled quality and image detail. For ENG-style shoots, we deploy the Sony FS7 II—our beloved run & gun workhorse. As for lenses, we house a plethora of sharp glass from Carl Zeiss, Sony and Canon EF. 

Post-production facility

Our video editing and sound mixing suite is fully stacked to handle video, film and TV projects of any size. Our supercharged Apple computers churn through even the most demanding 3D modelling, VFX rendering and colour grading applications—all of it backed up by a robust RAID storage system.

We also deploy best-in-class video and audio editing software such as Adobe Creative Cloud CC, DaVinci Resolve, Blender 3D and many others. 

Post production facility Edmonton