How We Prepare Equipment for Video Shoots

Do you have everything you need before heading out for video shoots? Do you need absolutely every piece of equipment for your shoot today? Are you sure?

Double check with how our team at Cineflair gets organized before we head out the door.

The Little Things

Logistically, we think ahead to see how we can make our video shoots days run 'smoother' instead of ending up with a disastrous "OMG, we forgot the memory cards" situation. Proper equipment storage and transportation are key components to making your days on location less stressful.

  • We trust the ruggedness and durability of Pelican Cases, from large housings to store our cameras, lenses, and gimbal to small storage solutions for our memory cards.
  • We use a messenger bag from Tenba to help us carry extra batteries, lenses, cleaners, iPad and laptop. The quick zipper access saves us time from un-buckling, opening up the flap and then re-buckling.
  • Having your camera rig built up and ready to go is important for saving time on location, so you're not fumbling with all the little pieces moments before it's time to roll camera.

The Day Before

We sit down the day before to go over the script and storyboard once more to decide the necessary equipment for the shoot. Packing a day or two before gives us the ability to have a contingency plan in place, in case of a last-minute issue with our equipment.

  • Make sure anything that requires battery power is fully charged, such as cameras, external recorders, monitors, gimbals, lights and microphones. Also, don't forget to pack battery chargers.
  • Ensure memory cards are formatted and are ready for a full day of shooting.
  • Have your camera sensors and lenses cleaned from dust particles and smudges.

You'll also rest easier knowing that you've planned ahead and are ready for the morning.

The Day Of

So you've had a good night's rest without having to worry about your equipment and now you're all packed and ready to head out the door, right? Wrong. Double check everything.

  • Now that you have a fresh set of eyes, go over all the steps as you did the night before and make sure everything you packed is there. If you missed anything, you'll certainly know.
  • Discuss with another member of your team to find out if you have missed anything or if they have any suggestions on something else to bring.
  • Lastly, have a visual reminder before you walk out the door.

How do you prepare for your video shoots? Let us know in the comments section below!