5 Inspiring Videos that Will Smash Your Creative Roadblock

Let's face it, being a creative is a love/hate relationship.

As a creative, you've been given a gift to, well, create. It's also a curse because when you hit that creative roadblock (like we all have) you think everything in the world is against you. You really just have to take a step back and breathe.

Some of our best ideas creep up on us when we are least expecting it, ie. the shower, the toilet, a late night drive, even a party with some half cut thoughts... whatever the case, once we have an image in our heads, we can't let it go.

These 5 short videos will definitely put some pep back in your step and help you get past those creative roadblocks, and back onto the road of creative thinking.

1. Nostalgia, Fear, and Passion summed up in less than 3 minutes.

  • This short doc really hits the nail on the head with a story arc. We are introduced to our main subject right off the bat, and discover what her true passion is. They also used "Move On Up" by Curtis Mayfield, to really pick up our spirits near the end. How are you supposed to sit still when that comes on?!.

2. You don't always need music.

  • Recently I've developed a huge love and interest for sound design and when I came across this clip I was blown away. The sound design is just as mesmerizing as the visuals in this beautifully intense downhill mountain bike clip. They did a great job by making you feel like you were there on location, better yet, in his way. On a side note, my favourite sound design team is Defacto Sound ;)

3. Sometimes you just need to cry.

  • It doesn't hurt to show your emotions once in a while. Being an editor, I find one of the most powerful tools you can own is empathy. You develop a curiosity and understanding for your subjects/projects and really get a "feel" for how its going to turn out. The crew for Denali went above and beyond to bring us one of the most beautiful short docs i have ever watched, following a "doggo" and his owner. Yes, I cried. Yes, Denali is a favourite of mine.

4. Personality and Stories. That's what's important.

  • This is one I keep coming back to time and time again. 1. To remind myself that you can truly carve a life around doing what you love (with some sacrifices of course) and 2. Just be you, be who you are and no one else.

5. Guilty Pleasure: Skate Videos

  • Alright, alright, alright... skate videos, really? Yes, really. This is where my passion for filming and editing derives from, this is the root of it all and who I am. Skate videos can be anything you want them to be, they can be cinematic, or raw and grungy. One of the few sports out there where, when you are young you want to see how you're progressing, so how else are you going to do that other than by picking up your dad's old camera and filming each other? We didn't want a coach or a soccer mom yelling at us (no offense soccer players), we wanted our friends to push us to the limits. A lot of great cinematographers and Dp's started out with skate videos. This video by Octagon is a great example of creativity and colouring outside the box.


Theres no surprise that these are all Staff Pick's on Vimeo. What do you find helps you with inspiration? videos, music, exercise? Let us know in the comments below!