Thank you to Digital Alberta and the Advertising Club of Edmonton for letting us take part at “What is Even Marketing Today?”.

As promised, here are various resources we hope serve you to further define your video marketing strategies.


1. The Deck & Video Content Guide

Here is our deck if you want a refresher or access to the content we discussed in our presentation.

As a bonus, we’ll also send your our Video Content Guide, a document that helps breakdown the most effective types of content you could make and how they address your audience needs. (Examples included!)

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2. The Links

These are the tools and resources we talked about:

Audience Discovery:

Hubspot Persona Generator

Empathy Mapping (Explainer & template)

Video Targeting:

Facebook Audience Targeting tools (Learning resource)

Video Goals & Analytics:

Wistia (Free for the first 3 videos)



Hubspot Video


3. Questions?

Anything you didn’t have a chance to ask or wanted to learn more of? Don’t be shy, ask away.

You can reach us directly at: or