Oil & Gas

Revolutionizing Pipeline Abandonment Technology


NuWave Industries' clean well and pipeline abandonment system is a true game-changer in the oil and gas industry through their patented mobile hydro-cutting systems.

Besides being a cost-effective solution, their technology also provides increased safety and minimal environmental disturbance.

1. The Challenge

Pipeline abandonment has traditionally been a large and complicated process that requires big crews, excavation and potentially unsafe cutting practices if not well done.

NuWave set forth to simplify this process by creating a new technology that allows for a much easier, safer, and environmentally mindful well abandonment. 

How do you effectively showcase this unique new approach to prospective clients though when most of what happens cannot be seen because it happens underground?

2. The Idea

Explainer videos are a phenomenal way to be able to convey complex processes or ideas because you can completely recreate an environment and emphasize the parts that are otherwise hard to see. 

In this case, being that most of the work would be happening under ground, our explainer videos needed to shed light ast to how NuWave's tech works.


3. The Approach

We focused on creating a simple art style that emphasized the new tools, and put the operational environment into context.

Emphasizing the benefits that this approach has through a professional voice over recording, we gave these videos a strong and confident voice. 

Keeping these videos versatile was key, so we designed them to be short and sweet. That way, with a short timeline, they could be used online, at trade shows, at in person presentations, or shared via email.

4. The Results

These videos have helped NuWave to convey what it is that they do in a really simple manner. They've seen some instant results in terms of sales, which was one of the key objectives, but most interestingly we've learned that when clients watch these videos they come back to NuWave, and ask what they can do for their specific needs.

Given the potential applications of their technology, these videos have helped NuWave to find many new applications that can expand their tool's functionality and therefore their product offering. 

Let's make something together.