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World, meet Edmonton

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Edmonton Tourism is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Edmonton, Alberta and all that our lovely city has to offer!

Their team puts our city on the map, showcasing to the world, the best things to do, the people, the festivals, and the places that make our city unique.

1. The Challenge

To show the world that there's more to Edmonton than West Edmonton Mall and the Oilers, while breaking the mold of traditional tourism videos and repetitive cliches. 

In order to so, however, Edmonton Tourism needed to adopt a change in brand voice and look towards emerging distribution channels beyond traditional ones such as TV, radio and print.

To add to the mix, video production can get expensive, especially if they were to consider a multi-part campaign or series. This meant that they needed to find a video partner who can produce high-quality video content, but also ensure the process can be repeatable and affordable. 

2. The Idea

To create an online video series called "You Think You Know Edmonton?" that tells authentic stories about Edmonton's lesser known gems. Each video is narrated and presented by a passionate Edmontonian, and is distributed primarily online to Facebook and YouTube.

The 20-part series would cover everything from food, coffee shops, walkable streets, winter activities, festivals and more.

With this campaign idea, Edmonton Tourism's team aimed to accomplish objectives such as: 

  • Establish credibility by having local figures present the audience with something they're knowledgeable and passionate about

  • Build brand recognition by providing consistent, frequent and recognizable content over an extended period of time

  • Leverage each influencer's network to encourage organic online views and shares

  • Focus advertising dollars on online distribution where the majority of the target audience consumes this type of content


3. The Approach

To find the topics, Edmonton Tourism's team took to social media to ask, "What hidden gems do you think we need to highlight?” Once we had the ideas, our team mobilized under tight turnaround schedules to shoot, edit and deliver multiple cuts specifically tailored to the platform it will be shown on. 

This process allowed for an authentic way to source ideas and material. It also created a strong sense of ownership from the community over the content we were creating.

A secondary component to how we filmed each video was to build an extensive library of visually-stunning video footage that Edmonton Tourism can repurpose for years to come. This content would otherwise have been too costly to produce on its own.


The Edmonton Tourism team receiving the Alto Award as Winner in the $10-$50K Marketing Excellence category.

The Edmonton Tourism team receiving the Alto Award as Winner in the $10-$50K Marketing Excellence category.

4. The Results

Viewership & Reach

  • 6+ million views across all online platforms

  • Thousands of organic social shares, likes and comments

While it was primarily produced for social media distribution, this series has also been distributed province-wide through broadcast, hotels, Edmonton International Airport, Rogers Place, Cineplex theatres and Tims TV.

The series has also been captioned in other languages such as Chinese and Dutch for further distribution in those foreign markets. 

Media Coverage

The series garnered praise by local and national media for its sense of authenticity and for the work it's done to promote Edmonton. Below are samples of some of the media coverage it received. 


The series swept awards for its effectiveness from prestigious marketing and communications organizations such as: