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Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) is a not-for-profit organization established by the City of Edmonton, responsible for providing leadership to the economic growth strategy for our city.

They build Edmonton’s reputation, drive the global growth ambition of Edmonton companies, and attract visitors and investment—increasing resiliency and growth of the city.

1. The Challenge

Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) hosts an annual event called IMPACT, a gathering of Edmonton’s business, government, and non-profit leaders to celebrate Edmonton's successes while discussing how a global mindset translates into a more resilient economy.

For this event, EEDC wanted to produce a memorable that highlights what makes Edmonton and its people special—digging deep into the fabric by which its woven together to uncover what makes Edmonton a special place to live and work. 

We had a month to create a video that pays tribute to our city and resonates with its people. We wanted to create a video that would not only inspire people and make them feel proud of their home but would also have a lifespan outside of the venue’s halls.

That's how we set out to produce one of our most complex productions, led by a crew of 12 people, filming over the course of 5 days at 21 locations and featuring a cast of 42 everyday Edmontonians.

2. The Idea

The script for this video came to us courtesy of EEDC’s CEO, Brad Ferguson. Brad wrote this script on the way back from a business trip and was thinking really hard as to what makes our people and our city unique.

At the core of that brainstorm were two big themes; grit and love.

This is how we started our video, making sure that our cast was as diverse and as representative as possible of Edmontonians, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, etc.

Our narrator, Mike Reilly of the Edmonton Eskimos did the honour of telling our story. Being a passionate and loyal player who has demonstrated his love for our city time and time again, Mike was more than willing to step into that role.

BTS at Kipnes Centre for Veterans with Jack Owen, a war veteran of 102 years of age.

BTS at Kipnes Centre for Veterans with Jack Owen, a war veteran of 102 years of age.

3. The Approach

We knew that this endeavor would not be an easy one. Even more so if we wanted to push it to the level of making a memorable piece that would have a long lifespan and be shared throughout our city with pride.

That is why at the core of our thinking was this idea of bringing in real Edmontonians who lived and breathed every role we had in our video, from a fitness enthusiast to a war veteran (and everything in between).

We also wanted to place every character in the perfect location. To arrange for those locations we partnered with organizations such as the Edmonton OilersEdmonton Eskimo Football ClubCity of EdmontonEdmonton’s Food BankStartup EdmontonNorQuest CollegeMcCauley Community LeagueBlitzed Trail Runners and many others.

Cineflair's team then embarked on a mission to recruit talented crew members suitable for a project of this scale in a variety of roles including cinematography, grip, lighting, sound, hair and makeup and production assistants.

BTS at the Commonwealth with Mike Reilly, Edmonton Eskimos player and CFL's 2015 MVP .

BTS at the Commonwealth with Mike Reilly, Edmonton Eskimos player and CFL's 2015 MVP .

4. The Results

We have been humbled by the warm reception that our video has seen and how many Edmontonians identified with it.

In YouTube alone, the video reached over 55,000 views in a week, making the YouTube trending list at spot #38 in Canada for two whole days.

In Facebook, there was a similar reach of approximately another 44,000 views, +500 likes views and +690 shares in under 2 weeks. Finally, Twitter accounted for roughly +4,250 organic views.

The video also generated multiple earned media opportunities. A few select included:

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Global News, Mike Reilly proud to celebrate Edmonton in video; no worries about ‘Kevin Glenn curse’

CBC, Edmonton economic boss bids adieu, touts bolder approach to business for the city

CISN 103.9, [WATCH] This Video Sums Up Edmonton Perfectly

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