Design & Architecture

Design as a force for community wellbeing


DIALOG is powered by designers across architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning, and structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. They believe in the power of built form to meaningfully improve the wellbeing of our communities and the environment we all share.

1. The Challenge

When you are designing some of the most interesting and innovative built environments across Canada, how do you capture the essence of those places? How does a thoughtfully designed structure affect its end users? This is something we had to thoughtfully encapsulate, both internally to staff and externally to stakeholders.

With studios in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and San Francisco, DIALOG prides itself on a workplace culture that thrives off collaboration between all of its locations. Having a well-rounded team is one of DIALOG’s top priorities as they continually strive to be a dynamic and versatile firm. With a talented roster of designers, DIALOG is a leader in its industry, and we were tasked with showcasing their unique way of collaborating.

2. The Idea

The Evoke DIALOG campaign was born out of a desire to tell the stories of the communities who use the spaces designed by DIALOG. This campaign seeks to evoke emotions by sharing insight from an end user as to how their daily life is affected by the project. This campaign took place across Canada in all of DIALOG’s studios, with our team leading the Edmonton and Calgary portion.

Aspire DIALOG is another initiative that we were happy to help share through video. This two-day event brings 4 people from each studio together in Calgary to discuss some of the firm’s recent work and big ideas. Through this event, they sought to learn from and inspire one another, but also bravely opened their work to external experts for critique.

The videos are showing wellbeing by being authentic. They’re showing people interacting with our work in a very unique way, and illustrating how their lives have been affected—how their wellbeing has been affected.
— Alan Boniface, Market Strategy Principal

3. The Approach

For Evoke, we sought to create videos that help DIALOG convey authentic stories told from the point of view of end-users. By recording short interviews with these users, and following them for a couple of days, we captured their interaction within these spaces and told these stories through compelling 2-minute videos. Thinking of potential clients as one of the key audiences of this project, we focused on the details that make thoughtful-design a game-changer for end users.

As for Aspire, we traveled to Calgary to capture the two-day event in its entirety, following all participants throughout their presentations, discussions, panels, brainstorms, and more. One of our biggest priorities for this event was to capture the energy and vibrancy that you could feel while being at the event. More importantly, we wanted to capture the sense of ownership and inspiration that is created when working side by side on meaningful projects with peers.

4. The Results

Our videos have been at the forefront of the material that DIALOG uses on both their landing page, as well as their social media channels. The videos have also been used by DIALOG’s clients in their marketing materials.

This content has provided DIALOG with strong storytelling material that confidently shares stories about their work, their people, and why they are a great company to work for and work with.

Our continued collaboration has meant multiple trips between the Edmonton and Calgary studios and introduced us to leading-edge design projects like the Calgary Cancer Centre, McCaig tower at Foothills Medical Centre, the brand new Walterdale Bridge, and many more.