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Creating opportunities for Indigenous Albertans

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The CPA Education Foundation of Alberta was established in 1982 as a non-profit foundation to support business and accounting education across the province.

Since its inception, the Foundation has distributed more than $12 million in support toward business and accounting education across the province.

1. The Challenge

To create a video that would encourage viewers to contribute to the fundraising goals of the ‘No Limits’ campaign. The challenge would be to do so in an efficient manner while effectively eliciting an emotional response from our audience.

Pursuing higher education is a challenge in many indigenous communities throughout Canada. That is why, in line with the mandate of CPA Education Foundation, the ‘No Limits’ program seeks to provide opportunities to support Indigenous Albertans through scholarships and bursaries to help them attain careers in accounting and business.

Big factors that impact the pursuit of higher education primarily include the financial burdens of moving off the reserve, but more so, the lack of support systems and role models in these communities.

The fundraising goal: $150,000 CAD

2. The Idea

To create a campaign video that would enable CPA Education Foundation to fund multiple scholarships that would serve in helping people pursue a career in accounting and finance.

The intended aftermath would create an impact within the indigenous community and the financial world.

In order to do this effectively, we thought of creating a few testimonial videos that tell the viewers and potential donors of why this is a cause worth supporting.

Meagan Hill, MBA telling us about her story during the production of our second video with CPA Education Foundation.

Meagan Hill, MBA telling us about her story during the production of our second video with CPA Education Foundation.

3. The Approach

Our approach to making these videos impactful was to tell the stories of multiple Indigenous Albertans who are role models in their communities, having pursued higher education despite many hardships.

To achieve this tone, we worked with an anamorphic aspect ratio of 2.35:1 to create a more dramatic tone and narrative. We also worked with a music track that had a very reflective tone to it, allowing for the narrative to be the center of attention while really getting down to the core of how drastic this problem is.

4. The Results

Fundraising aside, we wanted our viewers to know that their contributions are very meaningful as they impact a person, a career, a life, a family.

These videos were shared at events for the profession, but also online and aimed to fundraise a total of $150,000 CAD.

By the time we are writing this case study, and have produced both videos, CPA Education Foundation is closing in on 70% of their goal!

To learn more about how you can make a difference in someone’s life, please visit the ‘No Limits’ initiative at;