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Citadel Theatre is at the heart of Edmonton’s arts community, filling their building with exciting programming and partnerships with local companies & artists. They also play an important role in the national theatre landscape, creating work and training artists seen on stages nationally and internationally.

1. The Challenge

Year after year, Citadel Theatre is at the forefront of theatrical entertainment in Edmonton and Alberta. With a large lineup of productions that come through their venue, Citadel wanted to produce visually stunning content to incentivize potential ticket buyers to view their shows.

Given the ‘air time’ that plays have on a stage, it was crucial for us to be able to record and produce a video in a really short turnaround. Additionally, we aimed to help Citadel capture footage that could be used for TV spots.

2. The Idea

Social media presents a fantastic tool to be able to accurately target your audience and distribute videos to the right viewers. That is why we set forth to produce 60-second trailers for each of their major plays to help attract potential ticket buyers to come and check out some of the amazing options they host year-round.


3. The Approach

Utilizing the dress rehearsal as an opportunity to get up and close to the stage, we set forth two cameras for every video. One of them, a stabilized, wide shot that helps us inject movement and capture the action as we sweep across the stage. The other helping us capture close-ups and extreme close ups.

Utilizing a few review quotes and capturing good audio, allows us to transport viewers into these plays, giving them a really good idea of what they are in for.

4. The Results

We have been working with Citadel Theatre for two seasons now, recording approximately 5-6 plays per season and helping them introduce their plays to potential ticket buyers.

Being able to advertise and use teasers online to share their plays online has dramatically impacted their ticket sales, introducing audiences of all ages to the Citadel and its magnificent work.

To date, we have produced nearly 20 videos in collaboration with Citadel Theatre.